Remote Lands
Seek the remarkable. Seek it in the world you know. But also in a world you don't: Asia.

In distant, idyllic archipelagos, explored by luxury yacht, or unforgettable landscapes, witnessed from a private helicopter. In palatial hideaways on secret shores. In the natural habitats of the world's most cherished wildlife. In the welcome of remote mountain villages and ancient communities.

Discover sides of Asia you never knew existed, revealed by people who know every facet. Find serenity in a journey that flows at your pace and follows your path, effortlessly accommodating any diversion.

A journey not only of the body and mind but also of the soul; an opportunity for deeper, lasting connection with places and people, for you, for those you travel with and for those you meet.

Seek the soul of Asia. Remote Lands.
Exclusively Asia
Why Remote Lands?

Exclusively Asia

With Remote Lands you’ll travel with people who have made Asia the solitary focus of their own lifelong adventure. As our guest, in the continent that our north American founders Catherine and Jay have adored and explored for decades, you’ll discover Asia on a journey that is completely, authentically your own, adapted from our own remarkable experiences and adventures over the years.

Why Remote Lands?


Whether it’s cycling the Himalayas, meeting the Asaro mudmen of Papua New Guinea, or simply surrendering to breathtaking beauty and luxury on a Maldivian island idyll, your Asian exploration with us will touch, stir and lift the spirits. Seamless, serene travel will give you the space to experience a journey not just of the body and mind but also of the soul, infused with a deep understanding of Asian peoples and cultures.

Deep Knowledge
Why Remote Lands?

Deep Knowledge

Our guests encounter facets of Asia unreachable to visitors through any other means. They’re able to go deeper because our knowledge and networks go deeper, built up over our years of travelling, learning and making lasting local connections. Each facet that’s revealed – the exotic, the restorative, the awe-inspiring, the life-enhancing – will carry you closer to the captivating heart of this extraordinary, kaleidoscopic continent.

Seamless Service
Why Remote Lands?

Seamless Service

Whether you’re seeking tranquillity or transformational activity (or something in between), your Asian journey springs from the deep understanding we develop of your wishes and expectations, and from our own experience as discerning, demanding travellers. A journey that flows at your pace and follows your path, effortlessly accommodating any diversion with the aid of 24/7 on-ground support across the continent. A journey that is delivered to the very highest standard of service wherever that path takes you.

Our Founders

Remote Lands is the collaboration of two inveterate travelers and entrepreneurs who have spent the better part of their lives
studying and exploring Asia. Between them, Catherine and Jay have spent over 35 years living, working and traveling in Asia, visiting
hundreds of places, forming lifelong friendships and forging unforgettable memories. Though they come to luxury from different perspectives,
they share a unified goal: to create the world's best travel experiences without compromise.

Why Remote Lands?

The Best of Both Worlds

  • Ultra-Luxe
  • Ultra-Luxe

Just as every client is unique, luxury is not “one size fits all”. For some of our clients luxury is a Michelin star dinner with local socialites in Tokyo. To others, it is a helicopter breakfast at Mt Everest Base Camp.

For still others, it’s a trek into the steppes of Mongolia with a fifth generation eagle hunter. We provide the knowledge, the access and the guidance to show you the best that Asia has to offer.

Inside Remote Lands

Learn more about traveling in Asia with Remote Lands, from the people who design the journeys.

How We Work



Discuss client interests, needs, budget. Design itinerary outline.


Trip framework with dates, destinations, hotels, logistics, estimated budget - for client review and feedback.


Nonrefundable deposit toward trip. Higher fee if last minute or more complex trip.


Day by day itinerary with activities and real pricing - for client review and feedback.


Payment confirms trip. All hotels, flights and touring are booked by Remote Lands.


Finalize your day by day activities and discuss optional special experiences.


Due 90 days before departure.


Stay in close touch with our Asia ground staff who will answer any question and resolve any issues that might arise.


Please tell us how we did so we can learn and grow and improve our services.

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